How to make an ice bucket


An ice bucket made up of layers using red berries I found hanging on bare-leafed trees has a most beautiful appearance. To make your own ice bucket be sure that you choose a vessel that fits inside your freezer and a container that will fit a bottle of wine snugly.

Put the bucket into the freezer with five centimetres of water at the bottom. When it is frozen, insert the wine bottle container into the centre of the bucket and secure it with masking tape. Put rocks into the central container.

Pour water into the bucket around the outside of the container and immerse flowers, berries or leaves into the water. Make sure it is sitting flat in the freezer. When the water has frozen, take the whole thing out of the freezer and leave it to melt slightly so that the containers loosen and can be easily removed, or if you’re in a hurry put the bucket into a sink of hot water to loosen the containers more quickly.

Sandra Kaminski