Flowers at home

Using beautiful fresh flowers and foliage and an imaginative range of accessories, well-known New Zealand stylist Sandra Kaminski shows how to transform a room or setting to reflect a mood. It could be as simple as a few perfect blooms arranged in a glass bottle to show them at their best, with no other visual distraction, or it might be a celebratory theme, in which case Sandra’s choice of complementary colours, textures and personalised touches is nothing short of superb.

Whatever your preferred style of arranging fresh cut flowers, you will find endless inspiration in this exquisite floral collaboration between Sandra and photographer Geoff Hedley that showcases each season and several significant festive occasions.


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Christmas at home

Christmas is a feast for all the senses, and this sumptuous book offers endless inspiration to create special Christmas settings and memories for you and your family. Based around themes intended to spark festive creativity, New Zealand stylist Sandra Kaminski presents a huge variety of ideas — from a woodland Christmas and Parisian-flavoured designs to a special children’s celebration. 

With over 600 photographs, Christmas at Home also features preparations for the season, including choosing and arranging flowers and foliage, Advent calendars and Christmas tree ideas, homemade presents and gorgeous gift wrapping. Sandra’s beautiful designs will help you to create something truly wonderful for your Christmas celebrations.

280 x 216 mm, 336 pages, colour, over 600 photographs, cased and jacketed with French fold jacket