A Winter Dinner for Friends

Rather than put the trunk through a chipper, we decided to use it for our winter table display. Before we could use it like a vase, we needed to scoop out the centre. This takes a few hours and really is quite satisfying.
Winter wonderland
To ensure the flowers stay in place, after chiselling out the wood, wet foam is inserted. Use dried sticks and flowers to fill the space. Add decorative birds and faux snow for a wintery feel.
The faux birds are added to the mossy sticks. The faux snow that has been sprinkled clings to the side of the trunk, giving a wonderful snowy effect.
Let it snow
A tiny faux bird has been placed on the downloadable napkin wrap, with a snowflake cut from the remainder of the flocked wallpaper shown on the wall (above).
For pretty teacups that have lost their saucers, turn them into candles. Melt wax in a double boiler, add a wick to the cup and attach with a couple of drips of wax. Pour in wax and let set.
Each placesetting has a snowflake, which can be cut from a selection of flocked paper or leftover wallpaper (which was used here)