Afternoon Tea Party

Flowers, cupcakes, wine - what a wonderful combination to draw out laughter and joy. Add the warm, late-afternoon sun and a table under a large tree and it becomes a party.
Chocolate cupcakes
These ones are bought. They are decorated with ribbon and rose petal.
To tie the pudding, a traditional dessert made from cream and berries, into the theme, add spray-free roses. A dusting of icing sugar over the rose pudding will entice even the most diet concious among us.
Ribbons are the new sweets
Presents for the special guest are piled high, wrapped with devine ribbons and waiting to be opened.
Rose wine looks pretty in a decanter. Chill the bottle and decanter before filling. The bowl full of chilled cherries is most inviting, and is a perfect companion to the wine.
The garden flowers are mixed with purchased flowers to make a fuller, more indulgent bunch. A few pears also made their way into the bouquet.