A Celebration

Dainty morsels look even more delicious when placed next to a large and small arrangement of flowers. Decorate the table with little presents to give it a festive look.
A charming appetizer
Watermelon cubes are the perfect little something for most summer gatherings. Add a cube of feta and decorate with red peppercorns.
Add small and large flower arrangements, it can be a great feature of any celebration. Use pretty milk glass cake stands to show off and elevate sweet treats.
The display set against the calm green taffeta cloth, with the tissue paper balls, makes an inviting table for guests. Flowers used here include calla lilies, roses, daffodils, snapdragons, and snow ball viburnum.
Pretty macarons
like these need very little adornment to enhance them. A small glass cake stand sets them off beautifully.
A beautiful alternative to the traditional daffodil. It's a delicate flower that sits beautifully with pretty spring pastels combined with pure white petals.
A little something
Placing a small present on the plates will not only look delightful, but it will also be a nice surprise for your guests.
Ice always looks stunning, sitting on a plate, shimmering in the light. Oysters are best served cold and this is a beautiful way to serve each guest, the perfect combination of presentation and practicality.
Freesias are symbolic of spring, with their wonderful fragrance and the ability to have a long vase life. Always have a large bunch in your kitchen in the early months of spring to remind you that warmer days are just around the corner.