Beautiful Pumpkins

Autumn is the best time to decorate with pumpkins of any size. Miniature pumpkins on a cake stand with a selection of small gifts will look great in your home, or place them on your kitchen bench to add an everyday autumnal touch.
Autumn colours
A simple miniature pumpkin sitting on a napkin is the perfect reminder of the season.
Once again, members of the gourd family are the stars of the season. A plain table linen will always accentuate their rich tones and interesting textures.
Get creative!
A large pumpkin with a slit cut out acts as the perfect cooler for the soft drinks. Find a reasonable sized pumpkin, take a slice out at the top and scoop out the flesh. Fill with ice cubes and little glass bottles of your favourite drink.
For dinner
Let your instincts and creativity work together to add colourful touches to an Autumn dinner or even an informal barbecue.
A touch of yellow in these casual bunches of freesias, roses, tulips and chrysanthemums highlights the rich colours of the pumpkins, used here to such dramatic effect.
Rustic fall theme
As pumpkins will last well, don't hide them away! Decorate your kitchen with them. This is the time to use your thick table linen, chunky bowls and plates, and anything else that creates that rustic look and feel.
An interesting selection of squash, flowers, berries, and pine cones decorate this cake stand, perfect as the table decoration. Incorporate earth tone colours into your home decorations to add the perfect Autumn touches.