Autumn Birthday Lunch

The garden is in full bloom and you want to show it off. Why not take your table and chairs outside under a shady tree?
A colourful garden party!
Bread rolls looking inviting when wrapped around the middle with simple kitchen paper and tied with gingham ribbon and a flower sprig.
Put single stems into glass bottles filled with tinted blue water. Place them on an antique silver tray to show off their true beauty.
A garden celebration centrepiece
The colours in hydrangeas at this time of year are amazing. From the pure colours to the antique varieties, they are perfect to tie in with the centrepiece.
Try floating single hydrangea flowers in a large glass bowl with floating candles for a visual delight. If gifts are part of the day attach a bloom to each present.
The two-tiered stand has been filled with ice and miniature gin and tonic bottles. Be sure to include lemon so guests are able to make their own drinks.