Flowers for Christmas

Photography by Geoff Hedley

Christmas is a great time of the year to show off flowers with all your seasonal decorations. Just ensure that the colours all match so they enhance each other beautifully.

White looks great with silver and red. The choice of cut flowers at this time of year is endless. Flickering candles set them off perfectly and create an ambience.

The party bucket

A thick length of oasis has been hung on this party bucket (photo above). A good choice of flowers for these are chrysanthemums, as they have firm stems and are quite economical.

Simple ideas

As not everyone has an abundance of vases during the holiday season, all types of containers can be adapted. As seen in the photo above. Coke cans are great for this! Simply by using scissors, gently snip the top off. When using these cans, you could put a heavier glass inside to weigh it down or put the flowers straight in. They are a perfect colour-match if you are going for a red and white themed table setting like the one pictured on the left.

This old soft-drink box is perfect for using old mineral water bottles and filling them with flowers. It's also a good way for showing a few flowers off. Drinking glasses also make a good choice.

Here, the same party bucket is dressed with peonies, freesias, and New Zealand lily of the valley.

Simply beautiful

Peonies as seen in the bottle image always make any arrangement special. Simple but stunning!